15 Research-Backed Health Benefits of Coffee (+ 5 Benefit Boosters)

Is this black liquid I continually pour down my throat really good for me? At some point we’ve all wondered this, and we’ve continually consoled ourselves with the occasional news headline celebrating the positive health impacts of your beloved cup of joe.

The short answer is yes – but – just like grandma always said – only in moderation. I know this isn’t the most sensational introduction, but since this is a health article it’s important to be honest.

So, before I begin to bore you with any more ‘grandma-isms’ let’s jump into my list of 16 Proven (and honest – as backed up by actual studies) Health Benefits of Coffee.

If that’s not enough, we’ll also bust 3 super common coffee-health myths together, and explore 5 simple hacks that will make your coffee even healthier!

Coffee Helps Burn Fat

After years of being buffeted by an endless stream of gimmicky weight loss ads, you may already be critical of this first topic, but, unlike all those horrifically designed pop-ups, this point maintains its validity.

However, the key word here is “helps,” and the key factor is “caffeine”, so don’t switch over to an all-frappuccino diet just yet.

Excess sugar is still bad for you, other nutrients are still essential, but caffeine can help your body burn any excess fat you’ve acquired from your local butcher, and here’s how:

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