15 Research-Backed Health Benefits of Coffee (+ 5 Benefit Boosters)

When it comes to fighting fat, metabolism is like your offensive line – the higher your Metabolic rate, the easier it is for you to eat without gaining weight.

You know those skinny people who can eat a mountain of food and stay skinny? Chances are, they have a high Metabolic rate.

Coffee helps you burn fat

One study has proven that caffeine can increase your metabolic rate by 3-11%, up to three hours after ingestion (1).

Another study (2) found that caffeine increases oxidative free fatty acid (FFA) disposal by 44%, which is just a fancy way of saying “converted fat to energy.”

Apart from speeding up your metabolism, caffeine also helps to release (3) FFAs into the bloodstream, making them more available for energy conversion.

The Most Widely Known Health Benefit Of Coffee: It Gives You a (Temporary) Energy Boost

I know this point seems rather obvious – after all, it’s the reason most of you drink coffee – but for that very same reason it belongs in this list.

Do you know why caffeinated coffee has this effect?

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