15 Research-Backed Health Benefits of Coffee (+ 5 Benefit Boosters)

In science-y terms, caffeine induces a brain hypoperfusion​, which means (just in case you weren’t a neuroscientist) that caffeine speeds up the brain’s energy metabolism while also decreasing blood flow.

This triggers the release of norepinephrine, a chemical responsible for alertness and arousal (not that kind…).

Coffee gives you energy

And just in case you’ve been living under a rock at the bottom of the ocean for your entire life, there is some very recent research showing the positive effects coffee has on energy. As stated above, coffee can dramatically improve your alertness, but also can improve your mental performance​.

Additionally, if consumed on a regular basis (6) throughout the day, coffee can help to maintain mental and psychomotor performance.

But I’m still not done! Some studies even indicate that coffee can improve physical endurance (7) by 12%, but we will get into that a little later (in the list).

Coffee Reduces the Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

Apart from giving you energy and helping to burn fat, coffee also has some disease prevention qualities as well (que superhero theme music).

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