5 Places to Visit for Travel Photographers

Fusing traditions with futuristic visions, Dubai brims with exhilarating energy and cultural dynamism, which may be the reason why the city attracts newcomers and visitors from all over the world. Besides its myriad of music, cultures, food, and landscapes (think ultramodern architecture and vast, golden sandscapes), it is Dubai’s openness towards people that serves as a perfect playground for photographers looking to capture the beauty of its people. Emiratis, Pakistanis, Indians, travellers in transit… opportunities for street portraits are everywhere.

Architecture: Copenhagen, Denmark

Think Copenhagen and what comes to mind is its bike-friendly streets, Michelin-starred restaurants, vibrant design scene, and most prominently, the colourful town houses. Danish architectural scene is going through a golden age, where there is no lack of world-class architecture alongside historic buildings and palaces. With critically acclaimed architects like BIG (8 House) and Zaha Hadid (Ordrupgaard Museum Extension) who had helped create magic on its cityscape, Copenhagen holds its position as an architecture paradise for photographers from around the world.

Street: Istanbul, Turkey

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