5 Places to Visit for Travel Photographers

Over the centuries, the Greeks, Romans and Venetians took turns to rule Istanbul, but it was the Ottomans who successfully stayed, leaving behind its legacy of beautifully decorated imperial mosques and churches. Beneath these layers of history is the meeting of east and west, a melting pot of cultures clearly evident on the streets of Istanbul. Explore the city’s numerous street stalls; peek into its beautiful tea gardens; have a damla sakızlı (Turkish coffee) in the coffeehouses, as you tell a travel story through street photography.

Landscape: Isle of Skye, Scotland

Somewhere in the northwest of Scotland lies an island where velvet moors, shimmering lochs, towering sea cliffs, and tiny villages stretch throughout its masses of undulating landscape. Isle of Skye, second-largest of Scotland’s islands, is not only home to brooding castles, charming museums and cosy pubs, it is a place that offers unique sights and stunning scenery. Travel on foot to the island’s far-flung corners and explore its enchanting natural wonders, mingle with herds of sheep and red deer, or challenge yourself to a climb up its sea cliffs as you document this journey with your camera.

Travel: Hoher Kasten, Switzerland

There is something magical about Hoher Kasten, a mountain cosying up to the Appenzell Alps, that is appealing to even the most discerning travel photographers. Overlooking the Rhine in Eastern Switzerland, Hoher Kasten is easily accessible by cable cars (which have been operating since 1964) or a 3-hour hike to its summit. Once on top, you’ll observe the shapes, folds, and gigantic fractures of the rocky terrain, and grass that decline until the earth runs out. This mountain offers a panoramic view of eastern Switzerland and a chance to quietly immerse yourself in serenity. At times, lazy clouds blanket the mountain range, and when they part, reveal a spanning view of the jagged beauty that stretches beyond your sight.

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