9 Travel Hacks That You Need to Know for the Holiday Season

Travelling over the holiday season? Check out these nine travel hacks – tips, tricks and tools for saving major moola and ensuring that your holiday travels are smooth sailing.

Save Major $ By Buying Your Flight at the Right Time.

Ever wished that you had a crystal ball to tell you when to purchase your flight? KAYAK’s search tool is the closest thing. It lets you search hundreds of travel sites at once to find the right flight, hotel, rental car or vacation package whether it’s for a specific date, weekend or the whole month.

I highly recommend using the whole month to find the best deals. As you can see from my search below, you can save over $400 by flying on December 16th or 18th instead of December 17th.travel hack: knowing when to buy your flight can save you lots of money. Kayak's Forecast tool makes it easy.Furthermore, if you’ve ever wondered whether or not now is the best time to buy, you’ll love KAYAK’s Forecast tool. It uses historical data to give you advice on whether the price is likely to increase or decrease within seven days. In the example above, I should purchase my flight to Calgary now. Otherwise, I risk having to pay more for my flight.

Be Aware of the 24-Hour Rule.

travel hacks when travelling over the holiday season

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