Canon PowerShot SX70 HS Hands-on Review: Travel Photography in Nikko

When travelling overseas, sometimes you just wish for a multi-purpose and dependable camera that can handle various kinds of photography so you don’t have to bring along multiple lenses to saddle you with extra weight. Lightweight and capable of both wide-angle and telephoto shots, the PowerShot SX70 HS fits the bill as I discovered for myself during a short trip to Nikko in Japan.

PowerShot SX70 HS

With the PowerShot SX70 HS in hand, I took a two-hour train ride from Tokyo to the small city of Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture. The city is renowned for its autumn colours and collection of historic Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples that have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

When travelling free-and-easy with public transport as my only means of getting around, I appreciated how lightweight the camera was. Even with a heavy suitcase in tow, I could easily stop to snap a photo at any time as I moved around the country. It doesn’t cramp your style either as the camera has a sleek and professional exterior design.

PowerShot SX70 HS

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