Porsche unveils new all-electric CUV version of the Mission E

The concepts keep coming out of the Geneva Auto Show this week, with Porsche unveiling a new one this morning – a fully electric sport crossover SUV adaptation of their not-yet-released Mission E.

The headline specs?  Porsche claims that the car will have 600 horsepower, do 0-60 in under 3.5 seconds, go more than 500km/310 miles on a charge, and charge at a rate of 400km/250 miles in 15 minutes.  Like many European announcements, though, these range numbers are based on the NEDC rating system, which is significantly more lenient than EPA numbers – the range would probably be something closer to 240-260 by EPA testing.

As a Porsche, it’s got to have some good performance numbers, and the ones given are certainly impressive.  Similar to last week’s announcement about the Mission E, Porsche claims the CUV will do “multiple accelerations in direct succession without loss of performance,” which they claim to be “unmatched by any other electric vehicle.”  We will leave it as an exercise to the reader to decide who Porsche is talking about with that statement.

The car also has all-wheel steering and Porsche’s electrohydraulic Dynamic Chassis Control anti-roll system to actively stabilize the car when cornering or on uneven surfaces.

As for size, the Mission E Cross Turismo is 4.95 meters/194 inches in length, which is longer than a Porsche Cayenne or Mercedes GLC/GLE but 4 inches shorter than a Model X, which puts it on the large side of the CUV category in terms of length.

That said, it is notably quite a lot shorter in height than all of these cars – most of them are in the mid-60s to 70 inches tall, and the Mission E CUV is a mere 56 inches tall.  This actually puts it at around the same height as a Model 3, or even as a Porsche Panamera – and from the front view, the casual observer would be forgiven for mistaking it as the latter:

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