Prepare for some serious wanderlust.

It’s a hard feeling to describe, that mix of awe, nervous excitement and expanding sense of self that comes with adventure travel. We take that feeling seriously. Not only do we chase it ourselves, but we bring you along.

At REI Adventures, we travel the world to find the best of the best travel experiences to share with you. We’ve gotten our travel experts together—our guides and program managers—to look at the year ahead and offer up our top destinations for 2018.


From standing atop Mount Kilimanjaro to watching wildebeests stampede across the plains, Tanzania offers epic and authentic ways to experience Africa. That’s why it’s our top travel destination of 2018.

Start with our quintessential safari where we take in large stretches of stunning landscape, flat-topped acacia trees silhouetted against orange-purple sunsets, and graceful, powerful animals racing across the vast savanna.

Find your way off the tourist path with our ultimate adventure trip. You’ll cycle the verdant lower slopes of Kilimanjaro, trek through remote highland Maasai communities deep in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and stroll through a coffee farm.


Of course, what draws many people to Tanzania is found far above the clouds—the summit of the highest peak in Africa and one of the seven summits of the world. The personal reward of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and the feeling of standing in solidarity with fellow adventurers keeps this peak at the top of so many bucket lists (including ours).

With six adventures offered, we have something for everyone.

“This trip was something that pushed every single person in our group to their limits. It was mentally and physically one of the hardest things we have done. … This trip was a life-changing experience that all adventure-seeking people should do.” —Nick13, Mount Kilimanjaro Climb–Marangu Route, 2017

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