The 10 Best Electric Bikes for Easier Riding

A motor, a battery, and some wheels: It might look like cheating or a sign of laziness to a purist, but these electric bikes make a strong case for a motor assist. With a few hours of charging, you can accelerate quicker, ride hills with less effort, or just ride farther. Also, they’re a lot of fun. From pedal-assisting designs to throttle models, we put tons to the test and picked ten of our favorites to take for a spin.

ProdecoTech Outlaw SS

ProdecoTech’s Outlaw SS is the Hummer of e-bikes. Made at the company’s South Florida factory of aircraft-grade aluminum and
sporting hefty 2.4-inch-wide trail tires, it rolls over just about anything in its path. It’s a big machine and considering it tops out

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