The 11 Coolest Coffee Shops in the World

Sightglass Coffee (San Francisco, Calif., USA)

This sibling-owned coffee company is housed in an old billboard factory, and their enormous machines and coffee gear makes the store look more like a theater than a coffee shop. Those who want a homier feel can go to their location in the Mission district, but coffee aficionados will want to stop by this coffee bar and see why exactly hand-roasted, artisanal coffee is such a big deal.

9. Necessary Provisions (Singapore)

Necessary Provisions (Singapore)

Necessary Provisions serves simple meals made of ingredients sourced from local markets, as well as single-origin tea and coffee from carefully chosen estates around the world. In this sense, their “Thumper” house blend, composed of three to four beans from these estates, is not single-origin, but its blend of Brazil Fazenda Passeio, washed Honduras El Chollo, and Guatemala Finca San Andres beans has proven to be very popular with its customers. The washed green paint on many of its surfaces, as well as the hanging plants and signature bike in front of the espresso counter, combine the feeling of a Brooklyn-style coffee shop with that of an island way of life.

8. Starbucks (Dazaifu, Japan)
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