Top 10 Travel Hacks for the Modern Traveler

While you’re eager to tick off that next big destination from your bucket list, in the back of your mind you’re also wondering how to make the most of your adventures. Gone are the days of dragging yourself to your local travel agent to secure the best flight deals. Or what about the frantic search for those missing camera film rolls? You know, the ones lying in a box in the back of your grandma’s attic from that Disneyland trip in 2001?

Let’s face it – we’re intrepid travelers in the middle of a digital revolution. We could sit here and tell you about the ten different ways you can fold your socks when packing for your next big trip, but we know that if you’re reading this then you’re already a travel expert (you’ve even got your airport parking sorted!). Instead, feast your eyes on this handy list we’ve put together that features some of the top travel hacks for you, the modern traveler.


Apps are a good travel hack for modern travelers

With the internet and all its glory at your fingertips, your needs on the road can be met through apps.

Travel tip #1 – If you find yourself running out of internet data, or worse, with no access to the internet at all, there’s an app for that. Apps such as Citymapper pull maps and information on local transportation (including costs and journey duration) across key cities in the world. Best of all, you can save journeys and maps to use offline.


Subscribing to newsletters are a good travel hack for modern travelers

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